‘No skin’ left on Brisbane burns victim

A man fighting for his life after being set alight while asleep at his Brisbane home has been burnt so severely there isn’t “a bit of skin left on him,” relatives say.


A cousin of Victor Graveson, 65, has described the horrific injuries suffered when he was doused in an accelerant and set alight at a Teesdale Road home at Alexandra Hills on Friday morning.

He ran from his home covered in flames before relatives came to his aid and put out the fire.

Mr Graveson, who is retired, is in a critical condition at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with head-to-toe burns.

Relatives say they saw another man running from the property about 9am, about the same time they saw smoke coming from the home.

“I was sitting here and one bloke ran up the road, took off at a 100 mile,” Mr Graveson’s cousin told AAP.

“About 15 minutes or maybe 10 minutes later we could see the smoke coming from down at the house and by the time we got up there it was pretty well alight.

“Victor was lying inside my brother’s verandah all burnt, right through. There wasn’t a bit of skin left on him.”

A 34-year-old man has been treated for minor burns to his arms after taking himself to Redland Hospital. He is being interviewed by police, who are treating him as a person of interest.

Police tape surrounds the four-hectare property which has been declared a crime scene.

The property, which is made up of a number of makeshift dwellings and homes belonging to the victim’s relatives, is littered with cars, boats and farming machinery.

Authorities were seen inspecting the boot of a car on the scene that was open and with a number of plastic fuel tanks inside.