Man charged after ‘abhorrent’ knife attack on kangaroo

A video of a man brutally attacking a wounded kangaroo with a knife began circulating on Chinese social media earlier this week.


The man was seen on the video speaking to the kangaroo in Chinese, and slashing at its throat at least 18 times.

“Just face it, that’s your fate, let me finish this as early as I can,” he said.

On Wednesday night, following tip offs from members of the public, officers from the Victorian Department of Environment Land Water and Planning arrested a 43 year old man at a house in Rowville in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and charged him with one count of destroying protected wildlife. 


Eastern Grey kangaroos are protected by law in all Australian states and territories. 

DELWP Manager Compliance Operations Glenn Sharp said “The wildlife offences captured in this video are particularly abhorrent.”

“We’d like to thank members of the public who came forward with information about the alleged offences and enabled us to act quickly in response.”

“We work closely with RSPCA, Victoria Police and Crime Stoppers to help combat wildlife crime.”

Evidence including firearms, knives and mobile phones was also seized from the property.

The man was granted bail and will appear at Ringwood Magistrates Court at a date to be determined.

Reaction on the Chinese social media site Weibo to the man’s arrest was quick.

A user called “Miss Kang” wrote “He deserved it. What a shame for Chinese overseas! Killing an animal so cruelly should be punished.”

Another user called Aoandon wrote “He’s brought humiliation to our Chinese Australians. He shouldn’t be in Australia. Go back to China.”

Under the Wildlife Act 1975,  the penalties associated with killing, destroying and being in control of unlawfully taken protected wildlife range from $7,928 to $38,056 and/or six to 24 months’ imprisonment.


With Heidi Han.

Sydney terror survivor gives thanks

The young Sydney woman seriously injured in the Barcelona terror attack has thanked supporters for their “outpouring of love and kindness” as she continues her recovery.


Commonwealth Bank worker Suria Intan was on a European holiday with friends when a van ploughed into crowds on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas on August 17.

Sixteen people were killed – including seven-year-old Sydney boy Julian Cadman – and more than 120 were wounded in the terror attack in Barcelona and another in the Spanish seaside resort of Cambrils.

“We are very grateful that Suria is on the road to recovery and ask that you respect her privacy,” her family said in a statement released by DFAT on Friday.

“We also know very well that we are not the only ones to have suffered from these unjust acts. Our prayers and thoughts are with those who were affected and lost their precious loved ones.”

Ms Intan’s family said the number of people who have come to her aid “has been incredible”.

In particular, she thanked the “amazing” medical team at Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, the city’s Hillsong Church, the owners of the Violeta Boutique Hotel and Australian officials in Spain.

She also thanked her sister Emy Nora who has been by her side throughout her recovery and “many other kindhearted people who are too many to mention individually”.

Julian Cadman’s mother, Jumarie, who was critically injured in the Barcelona attack, is still recovering in hospital.

The Wiggles on Thursday announced they will perform a charity concert in mid-September to raise funds for the Cadman family.

Blue Wiggle Anthony has a personal connection to the Cadmans – he grew up across the road from Julian’s grandparents and attended Julian’s school, St Bernadette’s, in Lalor Park.

A special family day “In Memory of our Karate Kid” is also being organised for Saturday by Prodigy Martial Arts Australia – where Julian trained – to raise funds.

Family friend Scott Bowman has also established a GoFundMe page which, as of Friday morning, had raised more than $240,000 for the Cadmans.

Dangerfield gives surf a miss this week

As a keen surfer, champion Geelong midfielder Patrick Dangerfield would normally head straight to the ocean with the Cats enjoying a few days off in the AFL’s pre-finals bye round.


But Cats coach Chris Scott was relieved the 2016 Brownlow medallist from Moggs Creek on the Great Ocean Road didn’t instinctively wax his board this time.

Dangerfield wasn’t prepared to take the risk after a fellow surfer was attacked by a shark close to his preferred break earlier this week.

“The shark attack was about 500 metres away from my favourite surf spot. So, I’ll probably stay out of the water for the next couple of days,” Dangerfield told AAP at the All-Australian function.

“Scotty didn’t say no, more the sanity said no. I’ll be steering clear of that this week.”

Like most dedicated surfers, Dangerfield won’t be spooked for long by the Great White fright for a wetsuit colleague at Cathedral Rock, a popular surf break near Lorne.

“I can only speak for myself, but with most surfers, it’s hard to stay away from the water. So, there’ll be surfers back there in no time,” he said.

Dangerfield, named All-Australian this week for the fifth time and third season in a row, believes the AFL’s pre-finals bye week is beneficial for the Cats this time compared to being a disruption last year.

“For us last year it probably halted the momentum we had brought into September whereas this year we needed it because we had a few players a bit sore and sorry. So, it will do wonders for us,” he said.

Like giving midfield mate Joel Selwood vital extra time to recover from ankle surgery ahead of next Friday’s qualifying final against Richmond.

“He’s a star and we’re expecting him to play the usual Joel Selwood way. He’s a pro and it will be nice to have him back out there,” Dangerfield said.

“If we do things right, we can get on a roll. I think we’ve played pretty good footy over the last month and our best is as good as anyone.”

Young Yemeni girl who lost her entire family in an airstrike becomes symbol to stop civil war

Photographs of six-year-old Buthaina Muhammad Mansour from her hospital bed with eye injuries so severe they are swollen shut have been making the rounds on social media.


An airstrike carried out last week led by Arab coalition forces caused the death of 14 people and injured another 16, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

One of the injured was Buthaina who was pulled from the rubble in the residential neighbourhood of Faj Attan in the south of Sana’a.

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A photographer snapped pictures of the young girl from her bed with one of them capturing her trying to pry one of her eyes open with her forefinger and thumb.

This image has gone viral on social media with people across the globe posting photographs of themselves in the same pose with the hashtag “Buthaina” or “Picture Ur eye 4 Bothinah” – an alternative spelling for her name.

One of the first people to tweet out her image was Institute of Gulf Affairs director Ali al-Ahmed.

I urge all to publish their pic imitating #Buthaina. This gesture is now called #Buthaina @rihanna @nytopinion @WhiteHouseCNN #Saudi #Yemen pic.twitter苏州美甲培训学校按摩论坛,/JXwxfvquzM

— Ali AlAhmed (@AliAlAhmed_en) August 30, 2017#Buthaina is a #Yemeni child who has lost all her family. She is the only survivor because of a raid by the hostile #Saudi Airlines pic.twitter苏州美甲培训学校按摩论坛,/oH8GKqqnNO

— قيس الوجيه (@Ga1979wa) August 31, 2017What happened #Buthaina?

They hit us by missile

Who were there?

Father,Mother,Uncle,My Brothers Aya,Ammar,Ragad

Where’re they now?

In heaven pic.twitter苏州美甲培训学校按摩论坛,/j1HAzhw01j

— I4Yemen (@I4Yemen) August 31, 2017

“I saw the video from local media in Yemen but the image captured much more than the video, the colour of her lips, her face, her left eye,” Mr al-Ahmed told SBS World News.

“She was trying to open her eyes – that movement, that gesture it was very powerful and it struck my heart. I promoted this movement. I thought we should name it after her, Buthaina.

“I have two daughters, one is four and one is two, who are about her age. I was moved by the picture.”

Mr al-Ahmed will be using Buthaina’s photograph at a protest he is helping organise on September 11, outside the Saudi Embassy in Washington.

“This young innocent child is a victim… she has nobody now,” he told SBS World News.

لك الحمد ياالله تفاعل كبير مع صورة بثينه التي التقطتها انا لها يوم امس على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي 😍😍😍#بثينه_عين_الانسانية#لعيون_بثينة pic.twitter苏州美甲培训学校按摩论坛,/7VT3SEoPqf

— كريم زارعي (@karemo_5) August 29, 2017″I’m attempting to open my swollen eye to look for whatever is left of humanity”

Yours #Buthaina#بثينة_عين_الانسانية #I_SPEAK_FOR_BUTHINA pic.twitter苏州美甲培训学校按摩论坛,/9haJSoYE8P

— I4Yemen (@I4Yemen) August 31, 2017

#بثينة_عين_الانسانية #بثينة_نعم_لايقاف_الحرب_في_اليمن #PictureUreye4Bothinah#StopWarInYemen #StopWar pic.twitter苏州美甲培训学校按摩论坛,/5tpDAdzxML

— Alyaa Gad (@AlyaaGad) August 30, 2017

Buthaina was stuck underneath the debris for more than 14 hours – from 2am on Friday when the airstrike happened to about 5pm – before she was rescued.

Relatives say she still remembers everything clearly and surrounds herself with toys to remind her of her siblings who died in the airstrike.

She is in the care of another uncle, her father’s younger brother, right now but UNICEF will help her with counselling and make sure she goes to a good home after her recovery.

Buthaina suffered a concussion and skull fractures, according to Reuters.

Arab coalition forces have admitted to carrying out the airstrike but say “the presence of a technical mistake was the cause of [an] accidental as well as unintentional incident [which has been] proven not to be directly targeting [residents]”.

Drinking, drugs down at welfare card sites


An evaluation of cashless welfare card trials at Ceduna in South Australia and the East Kimberley in Western Australia has shown a drop in drinking and gambling but the results are not all positive.



* 41 per cent of drinkers are consuming alcohol less frequently

* 37 per cent of binge drinkers are doing so less often

* Booze-fuelled hospitalisations and public intoxications offences have fallen in Ceduna

* Alcohol-related pick-ups by community patrol services fell in the East Kimberley along with the number of women drinking through pregnancy


* 48 per cent of gamblers are gambling less

* Poker machine revenue is down 12 per cent in Ceduna and surrounding areas


* 48 per cent of drug takers are using illicit substances less often

Flow on benefits:

* 40 per cent of participants feel they are better able to care for their children

* 45 per cent of participants are better able to save money

Adverse impacts:

* Almost one-third of participants indicated the cards had made their lives worse

* Only 17 per cent felt their children’s lives had improved

* Crime statistics showed no improvement apart from fewer drug-driving offences and instances of public intoxication

* 4 per cent of participants raised concerns about stigma or shame associated with the card

* 6 per cent of participants mentioned a lack of freedom or concerns about their rights

* One in three participants reported issues including being unable to transfer money to children away at boarding school, being unable to pool funds for larger purchases, and technical difficulties using the card